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Start a business by the Pacific Ocean
TTMAKER  The Powerful Maker  Let Taitung Better!


In 2014, National Information and Communications Initiative Committee(NICI) held a Smart City conference. The government from Taitung County was invited to share five aspects of Taitung’s urban development. At that time, it was difficult for every committee member to connect Taitung's remote township with the Smart City.


However, after several years of hard work by the county government team, Taitung has begun to change. Not only does it rely on its unique environment, but also because of the continuous handling of international events. The number of tourists visiting has risen from 6 million to 10 million in just a few years. With the development of tourism, the arrival of a large number of tourists also promotes the need for industrial upgrading. Recruiting and cultivating local talents and teams is the purpose of TTMAKER’s establishment. First, with the support of 6 million dollars by the Ministry of Education, TTMAKER with hardware construction and equipment was built in Taitung University Base, which is TTMAKER 1.0. The construction of TTMAKER1.0 Taitung University Base has enabled young students and Taitung woodworking teams to produce in the best woodworking classrooms in Taitung. It was the first domestic Maker team to be designed by university architecture students and collaborated with in a co-creation space for local cooperation. Then, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and TopLogis, Inc., which assisted in importing resources at that time, jointly invested resources to cultivate the Maker Team in the first and second phases.


With the changes in demand, the original space is no longer enough, TTMAKER moved to the TTICC Taitung Indigenous Cultural and Creative Industries Park, which was rebuilt from Taiwan automobile repair plant, and turn to TTMAKER 2.0. The recruited makers are also expanded from the entrepreneurial team to the creation team. Bring in more third- and fourth-phase maker teams that can expand and fulfill local creation, and start local design creation with the concept of "Accelerator".


After TTMAKER 2.0 successfully completed the task, Taitung industry also needs to cope with the digital transformation stage brought about by more digital applications and COVID-19. TTMAKER once again returned to Taitung University base and turn to TTMAKER 3.0. The planned service has change from inside to outside, which means from coaching the maker team to guiding the maker team to serve Taitung. The recruited maker team has also turned into a technical or project team with service energy, which is expected to bring 5G technology, digital finance, NFT, and smart agriculture, big data, net zero carbon emissions and other solutions are developed in tourism, agriculture, local, culture, education, social welfare and medical care, etc. Assist Taitung industry to face the next new generation transformation. TTMAKER will continue to be a maker platform that promotes "co-creation and common good".


Makers who participate in the program are provided with lectures and tutoring from industry professionals. In addition, they are connected with Taitung Big Data for the development of innovative applications that provides access to local market trends and the continuation of new application creation. Turning to the fourth terms of operation, more than 85 teams are supported  by TTMAKER ,and 22 teams are recruited this year 2021. 


They are on their way to manifesting their dream of constructing a successful startup by the Pacific Ocean.

Serve Taitung with TTMAKER 3.0
April Yao(饒慶鈴)

head of Taitung County

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